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Choosing Your Power Wheelchair


Choosing your Power Wheelchair


Choosing your power wheelchair is made easy when you are familiar with the must-know options available to you.

In fact, battery operated power chairs are increasing in their popularity thanks to their usefulness and versatility as people find they can no longer operate a mobility scooter due to their inability and reduced capacity.

Power wheelchairs provide you with continued independence or should you need carer support still provide mobility for those experiencing an increase in diseases, ageing or from accidents.

Options to consider

Power wheelchairs are the next stage down in mobility support after mobility scooters. Generally speaking, mobility scooters are used by individuals wanting an easier transport option when outside the home (particularly on uneven ground).

Power wheelchairs are perfect for prolonged indoor use with better comfort, support and mobility options.

Benefits of Power Wheelchairs

  • power wheelchairs are controlled by a joystick – perfect for those with reduced dexterity and strength.
  • power wheelchairs are far easier to manoeuvre – particularly indoors.
  • power wheelchairs are much more comfortable – thanks to stand, tilt and recline positions for good posture and comfort.

Power Wheelchair Sizing

Just like mobility scooters, the right power wheelchair for you or those in your care will be determined by the users size and weight, as well as the predominant location of use and frequency.

Small wheelchairs – mainly indoors for smaller and light weight people

Compact wheelchairs – mainly indoors

Medium wheelchairs – when you are in a wheelchair all of your waking day

Large wheelchairs – mainly outdoor use

Power Wheelchair Types

power wheel chairsYou can purchase portable power wheelchairs – suited for short use on smooth surfaces, with easy and lightweight disassembly into a vehicle for transport.

OR light rehab power wheelchairs – larger wheels and clearance for longer-lasting and more comfortable indoor and outdoor use, these are usually transported via a ramp into the back of a vehicle with four point security (such as a taxi).

OR customised power wheelchairs – ideal for all day use both inside and outside, all aspects (drive system, tilt options, user weight, cushioning and rest options, battery longevity) are customised to the user’s individual needs both indoors and outdoors.

Must Know Technical Aspects of Power Wheelchairs

Eventually you will need to decide what kind of drive system you would like your power chair to have. This is important as it affects speed, stability, maneuverability, power and ease of driving.

Rear Wheel Drive: best suited for outdoor use, they are powerful and stable on a variety of terrains and can handle higher speeds.

Mid Wheel Drive: intuitive to drive and the best turning circles for indoor use, models that feature front and rear castors are also nicely stable outdoors.

Front Wheel Drive: powerfully pulls itself over obstacles like kerbs, is great on both uneven and soft indoor and outdoor terrain, and features the most foot position options with a slower speed.

Some questions you need to ask:

Seek the answers from your doctor, aged care assessment team and your knowledgeable supplier such as Val or Steve at Gympie Home Health Care Equipment – phone 04 5315 4801

  • Are you comfortable, and do you need to be able to adjust your position regularly?
  • Does the powerchair have the power to support your weight especially up steep hills?
  • How far do you need to go in your power chair or how long do you intend to use it before being able to recharge?
  • What is the terrain like where you want to use your power wheelchair?
  • Do you need to transport your power chair elsewhere, and if so who will be transporting you?
  • How easy is it for you to manoeuvre the power wheelchair?

Good quality popular brands

At Gympie Home Healthcare we are experts in finding the most personalised solution to suit our customers unique needs. Here you’ll find some of the best ranges of power wheelchairs that we have seen over the years.

Power-wheelchair-CTM-rangeCTM HS 1500 Portable Power Wheelchair

One of our most popular portable power wheelchairs, this wheelchair is easily disassembled, while still featuring many adjustable options such as: swivel and foldable seat, as well as adjustable armrests and footplate.

CTM HS 2800 Mid Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair

Another quality product from well respected brand CTM, thanks to the front and rear castors, this power wheelchair is a well balanced option for maneuverable indoor use combined with stable outdoor use.

Pride Jazzy Range

Touted as America’s number one power wheelchair, Pride’s Jazzy range combines quality construction with thoughtful design and operation. Their generous weight limits and speeds are a bonus for most customers.Power-wheelchair-Jazzy-range

Quantum Range

One of the leading ranges of power wheelchairs worldwide, the Quantam range features unique tailoring options for top of the line customised power wheelchairs. Head over to the quantum website for an extensive look at the possibilities that await you.

For more of the benefits and user experiences of any of these popular power wheelchairs please contact one of our friendly staff.

Summarising Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs enable easy mobility and independence particularly around the home. Choosing your power wheelchair is made easy when you are familiar with the must-know options available to you. CONTACT US for Advice.

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